Develop update 4

Develop update 4

I have finally finished the first version of the IDE. This is a big step in my mile stone. I have a functional WebIDE that is usable. At the moment I code everything in my IDE to improve it. So I can tackle the part I hate the most. So is there something I don’t like I need to fix it and then I go to the next part and repeat. At the moment I have an IDE that can load files. Highlight the code in different languages and have some code help but very limited. You can search for files but not in files and you can only have one file open at a time. All projects are linked to a docker instance and you are free to use that one. At the moment they are very open but I will probably close them down even further for modification.

The issues I finished this week was the ability to rename files and move them if you wanted.

I have also fixed a bug when I moved the creating a new projekt from a private repo to dashboard. So you should now be able to do that to and I have added the ability in backend to keep the same name on the URL when you reconnect to the IDE so you don’t need to change the name very time you lose the connection or getting back the next day. I will change to something else here so I use the docker name instead of a number.

I have made it very easy to track statistics also and have started to display some of it on the dashboard.

Now I need to set a clear goal for milestone 2 and see how I can get there. At the moment I have only tried to get something up and running and I have finished that so now I need to change focus. Maybe it will just be a small milestone with a lot of polish stuff and just make the IDE look better without much improved features.

Development update 3

It have been a very slow week and it feels that I haven’t been doing much at all but this week have been focused on getting the dashboard ready. I have done a very simple one and later I want to have some kind of template where you can have a good starting point for different languages. I have some thoughts to first focus on different game templates but that will be for the next face in the development. I have looked into save different statistics and that will be presented on the dashboard. It will be from how much data you have to have many times you have hit the save button. I will continue to see what I can save.

I found out the drawbacks to use a CDN. I was about to do some coding today to get the last things done with the statistics on the dashboard. Unfortunately a few libraries couldn’t get delivered so the entire site was unusable and I don’t know when I can use it again. I have on my to do list to change over to npm and build my own bundle. I think that a React/Vue framework are to big when I only have more or less one page that is the editor. But I need to rewrite the front end because that is just patch together to get something up and running to see if the back end is working. I guess I will prioritize this some higher after this problem. But then again I can write the front end code more like I want it.

That’s it for this week, Happy Coding All!

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