Development update 2

Development update 2

This last week feels that not much have been made. There are very few issues that have been done but on the other hand the one I work on are bigger and important to get working. I also found a problem with my setup in docker. I realized that all my containers have access to my local lan so I had to sit down and read up on docker network and iptables to prevent the containers to be able to talk to other parts in my network.

The first issue I fixed was the search for files. I see that I have to create a new issue about scrolling all the files that is being displayed and not only the first once. But I’m very pleased how it turned out. You can search for files by typing CTRL+P.

The thing I’m working on right now is a dashboard that will be the landing place for when you login and the go to place for creating and open new project. I will keep all the settings for the account here also. But at the moment I just need something to start with so I can build upon it. I have some thoughts to add the create project that will download finished template projects. But the dashboard start to look ok.

That’s all for this week. I hope to finish the first version this week that is coming if I don’t hit any big things. Happy coding all

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